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Chat with a provider to get the treatment you need. Don’t let an overactive bladder get in the way.
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What is YourRelief?

YourRelief is a telehealth platform that offers provider consultations so you can discuss treatment options for an overactive bladder (OAB).

Chat with a provider from the comfort of your home, then receive a prescription (if needed) shipped directly to your door.

Faster and easier than a trip to the doctor’s office

(and the pharmacy after that)

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Answer a few questions to help us understand your symptoms.
Pay for your consultation (and medication, if prescribed).
Provider Review
Meet via video call with a provider or complete an online questionnaire, depending on your location.
Check your mail
If your provider prescribes treatment medication, we’ll ship the prescription directly to your door.
Treatment from home
Access care online, and have your prescriptions delivered directly to your door.
Care the way it should be
The provider evaluation is easy, accessible, and discreet. Finding relief shouldn’t be difficult!


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